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We are back in the studio for this week's BaitBuddies.com update!

Adrian Suarez is this week's bait guy and he brought along a straight buddy! Better yet, his straight buddy just broke up with his girlfriend so he's super horny!

Adrian met Skylar a while back at a bar that Skylar works at. Skylar is a bartender and one day Adrian showed up and started hitting on him. Skylar was flattered but he kindly told Adrian that he's straight and that he has a girlfriend. Fast forward to the present and Skylar is single, horny, and broke! And, since we're in these strange times, Skylar isn't bringing in money like he used to. That's when he remembered that Adrian gets paid to fuck on camera!

Skylar and Adrian discussed going gay for pay and Skylar said he would do it just as long as Adrian was his scene partner. He didn't feel comfortable with having his first same-sex experience with a complete stranger. Of course, Adrian was more than happy to agree to his demands and Caruso made all of the necessary arrangements!

Watch Adrian as he pounds Skylar's straight tight hole! Adrian fucks him so good that he causes Skylar to have a reverse ejaculation!