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Alex and Julian Torres are back at BaitBuddies.com!

Times are strange and money is tight so Alex and Julian decided to contact Caruso to see if they could film another scene. Only this time, they would be willing to take a road trip and drive down to the studio! Caruso couldn't pass them up, so he agreed and here they are!

Alex is still getting used to the idea that he really enjoys having sex with a man but there are moments that he just can't contain himself... For example, when Julian shoves that thick uncut cock up his ass, he takes it like a champ as he shouts out "fuck me man!"

Julian has really helped Alex throughout this entire process and Julian is a master at what he does. Actually, Alex refers to him as the "ass whisperer!" Alex never thought that he'd love a big dick in his ass but now that he's tried it, he can't get enough. He also loves when Julian eats his ass because Julian really knows how to make him squirm!

Check out Alex and Julian as they continue to take their friendship to new heights and their cocks to new depths! oh, and they fuck so hard that they broke the couch! So many men have fucked on that couch but it just couldn't handle the pounding it took from  Alex and Julian!