Bait: Rikk York
Straight: Chad
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Welcome back to another studio version of!

Rikk York is back and he's looking just as sexy as the last time he was here! He's the perfect specimen of tall, dark, and handsome, with a killer ass and big dick!

Chad is this week's straight guy and this married hunk is here to make some money! He says that his wife costs a lot so he tries to keep her happy but he also needs to keep himself happy... So, he came here to fuck another woman because he gets tired of the same ol' pussy, plus his wife won't let him fuck her in the ass! Oh well, her loss!

After Caruso has both guys get hard, he steps out to check on the girl. Unfortunately, she won't be showing up today but Caruso does have another option... If both guys will have sex with each other then he will double their pay. Chad wasn't having it at all... But, after Caruso and Rikk reminded him of the money and the fact that he hasn't busted a nut, Chad finally caved in and agreed to go gay for pay!