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Welcome back to a studio edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Marco Lorenzo is back and we're glad to see him! How could you ever get tired of his sexy looks, his ripped body, his killer ass, and his big, beautiful, fat cock? Marco is a stud and he never disappoints!

Valentin is this week's straight guy and he's packin' a giant cock as well! Valentin is 42 but you would never believe it. Originally from Moscow Russia, Valentin has been stuck at home like the rest of us. But, he can't sit any longer. He needs to make money and he needs to fuck! So, now he's at the studio and he thinks he'll be fucking a hot girl today...

Caruso tells both guys to strip down and get hard. Within a matter of seconds, both cocks started to grow! Rock hard and ready, Caruso tells them to stand up and show those giant dicks off. It's really hard to tell which guy is larger because both of these pieces of meat are truly amazing and mouthwatering! And, since both guys passed the test of keeping their dicks hard, it was time for Caruso to step out so that he can find out if the female talent had arrived yet. Of course she can't make it and if anyone is going to make any money today, then both guys will have to have sex with each other. Valentin was hesitant about going gay for pay but once Caruso said that he would pay double the money, it was too good of an offer for Valentin to pass up!