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Welcome to another studio edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Marco Lorenzo is back and he's looking for a hairy man to fuck his big sexy ass! Marco prefers men now and the hairier the man, the better! He loves getting fucked and running his fingers through a guy's hairy and sweaty chest! Actually, Marco likes it all!

Elio is this week's straight guy and Marco couldn't be happier! He hot, he's built, he's hung, and he's very hairy! Elio is mix of French and Lebanese decent and the results yielded a beautiful specimen with a fat uncut cock!

After the guys got hard and showed their asses to the camera, Caruso stepped out to check on the whereabouts of the female talent. But, she's not showing up today. Without a girl, there's only one way that everyone can still get paid. And, that's if both guys will have sex with each other... Elio was unsure about the situation but he did tell Caruso that he wanted to fist a guy one day. Well, he may not be fisting a guy today but he'll be shoving his fat cock in Marco's big bubble butt!