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Welcome to another studio edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Super sexy Sean Duran is back and so is his smokin' body, big ass, and thick dick! Sean loves tattoos and he added some new ink since the last time we saw him so Caruso thought it would be a great idea to pair him with a tatted up straight dude. Of course, Sean was down with the plan because he really doesn't have a preference when it comes to men. He says that he likes them all!

Isaac is this week's straight guy and he's pretty damn sexy as well! Isaac doesn't have as much ink as Sean but he still has plenty covering his smooth and toned body! Isaac is dreamy and his cock is amazing! He's the perfect example of beer can cock! From the time he dropped his underwear, his cock was very girthy and rock hard!

Caruso puts both guys through the hard test and they pass with flying colors! So, Caruso steps out to see where the girl is. When he returns, it's bad news. The girl can't make it today but if both guys will have sex with each other then Caruso will pay them double the money! Isaac asked Sean if he was really into this kind of shit and Sean told him that he'll do whatever pays the bills. Isaac couldn't disagree so he decided to give gay for pay a shot!