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Straight: Zain
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Welcome back to another studio edition of!

Dexx is back and he's this week's bait guy! A couple of years have gone by since Dexx was going gay for pay for his very first time! Since then, Dexx has evolved sexually and now he has a type. He says he likes guys that are big, beefy, and hairy! Oh, and this time Dexx wants to get fucked! His sexy ass is hungry from some straight cock!

Zain is this week's straight guy and he's everything that Dexx asked for. He's big, beefy, hairy, and he has a beautiful Puerto Rican cock! Zain is single and he's running low on money so he figured he would give porn a try so that he could get laid and get paid at the same time!

Caruso instructs both guys to strip down, get hard, and then see if they can stay hard. Both guys passed with flying colors! Actually, they were both rock hard from the time they took their underwear off! Since staying hard wasn't an issue, Caruso pretended to go locate the female talent. When he came back to tell Dexx and Zain the bad news, both guys were just as hard as when he left and they were still stroking their cocks! After telling these two studs that the girl can't make it, Caruso offered double the money if both guys would have sex with each other. To his shock, Zain was the first to say yes and Zain even agreed to fuck Dexx is his tight bubble butt!