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Welcome to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Adrian Suarez is back as this week's bait guy and he is so excited to be here! That's because Caruso is about to fulfill one of his ultimate fantasies! And, that's arranging a scene so that he can get fucked by Joel's big and beautiful cock!

You will probably remember Joel and his cock from a while back when BaitBuddies.com scenes were being shot outside of the studio. Joel  took us inside his bedroom, stroked his cock and played with his ass. Joel loves ass play and after telling Caruso that he also loves it when his girlfriend pegs him, Caruso asked him if he would ever come to the studio to get fucked by the real thing. Joel didn't hesitate and said that he definitely would. However, he still wants to take things slow. So, for his first studio appearance, Joel wants to be on top so he can fuck a tight asshole. Joel identifies as straight but he won't pass up the chance to fuck a dude in the ass. That's because his cock is so big that most girls won't let him near their assholes. Especially his girlfriend!

Watch Joel ram his giant cock in and out of Adrian's tight ass! Adrian rides Joel's dick for a while but Joel throws him on his back and fucks his ass good and hard! Adrian tells Caruso that it was better than he even expected!