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Straight: Joel Someone
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Welcome back to another special edition of!

After his last visit, Joel made a promise to Caruso that he'd come back to get fucked by a real cock! Apparently, getting pegged by his girlfriend feels so good that Joel is ready to try the real thing!

Caruso contacted Joel shortly after his last visit to plan the video shoot. He told Joel to go through the website and pick out a guy that he would want to get fucked by. Caruso figured that he'd let Joel pick the dick since he's never seen the strap-on that Joel's girlfriend fucks him with. So, Joel browsed through the models and decided on Bear. He told Caruso that he kind of has a daddy fetish going on and that Bear looks like a big and strong masculine man. Bear was everything that he wanted and then some! Caruso wasted no time and scheduled the video shoot so that he could make Joel's dream come true. But, he also made Bear promise to come back and get fucked by a real cock! Bear didn't hesitate and quickly agreed! And, Caruso plans to hold him to his word!