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Marco Lorenzo and his giant cock are back at BaitBuddies.com!

Lately, Marco has been spending most of his time at the beach. He likes to stay nice and tan and he loves swimming naked and free! And, when he needs to make some money, he contacts Caruso to see if he can bait a straight guy into going gay for pay. But, because Marco's cock is so big, Caruso usually has a hard time finding someone that matches up. So, Caruso always knows to keep an eye out for that special extra-large cock!

Matt is this week's straight and when he sent in his photo in regards to filming a straight porn scene, Caruso took one look at his cock and he knew what he had to do... pair him up with Marco! Not only is Matt super hot above the shoulders, but he also has a sexy body, a nice bubble butt, and a beautiful uncut cock!

Caruso tells both guys to strip down, get hard, and stay hard. While they're doing that, Caruso steps out to check on the female talent. But, he returns with bad news. There won't be a girl today so they only way for anyone to make any money is if both guys would be willing have sex wth each other. If so, Caruso will pay them double the original amount he offered. Matt came here to bust a nut so after he got hard and horny, it didn't take long for him to agree on giving gay for pay porn a shot!