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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Johnny has returned and he couldn't be happier! After his last visit, he stressed to Caruso that even though he has a broad spectrum for the type of guys he likes, he's currently obsessed with Latin men who have big uncut cocks! So, when this week's straight guy applied, Caruso just knew he had to pair him up with Johnny!

Rico Silva is a straight Latin hunk who thinks he's at the studio to star in his first ever porn but some things don't always go as planned... Luckily, Caruso always has other options. Rico is hot, he's 29 years old stud, with a great body, nice ass, and a big 8 inch uncut Cuban cock! It's mouthwatering!

Caruso has both guys get naked, get hard, and then stay hard, so that he can make sure that they'll be able to perform. Neither guy had any issues so he told them to keep stroking while he goes to check on the girl. But, he returned with bad news. There won't be a girl today but there's still another option to make some money... If both guys will have sex with each other then Caruso will pay them double the amount that they originally agreed on. Rico didn't seem thrilled about having sex with a guy but he was still hard and he could really use the money. With some help from Johnny, Rico finally agreed!