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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

We haven't seen Valentin Petrov in the studio since his first visit back in 2020 but he has gone on to explore his new found love. When Valentin first showed up, he was at the studio looking to fuck a hot women and make some money in the process. But, the tables were turned and he ended up going gay for pay! Fast forward to 2021 and this Russian hunk is back and he's continuing to enjoy the evolution of his sexuality! Now, he has a type! Valentin likes his men big, bold, dark skinned, and they have to have a big cock! Because this time, Valentin wants to get fucked and fucked good!

Ray is this week's straight guy and he's everything that Valentin wished for and more! Ray is tall, dark, and handsome! He's 6'2'', weighing in at 215, and his dick is out of this World! Ray is packing a giant 10 incher that is as fat as it is long! His cock is a beast for sure and today, it's going places... very tight places...

Caruso tells Valentin and Ray to get hard, stay hard, and then he'll go check on the girl. Obviously, both guys were horny as hell so it didn't take much to get their cocks rock-hard and throbbing. But, when Caruso went to check on the girl, he was told that the girl canceled for personal issues. And, without a girl, Caruso can't film the 3-way that he had planned. Ray looked crushed but Caruso threw out another offer... he will pay both guys double the original amount but they'll have to have sex with each other. Valentin quickly agreed but Ray needed some convincing. Caruso kept talking about the money, as well as sex, and Ray's dick had no plans of going limp. So, he finally caved in and agreed. However, Ray said that he ain't getting fucked and Valentin was perfectly fine with that statement!