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Welcome to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Bennett Anthony and big dick Jake are back at the studio in this week's All Star Buddies edition!

We haven't seen Bennett in several years but he definitely ages well! He cut off his long red hair and started hitting the gym. Now, he's big and muscular and his ass is a total masterpiece! Bennett is always horny and he's a big fan of BaitBuddies.com so when he contact Caruso to see if he could star in another scene, Caruso told him to page through the website and pick out a guy that he would love to have sex with. Then, Caruso will see what that guy has to say about Bennett. But, Bennett already knew who he had in mind because he hasn't stopped thinking about his good looks and giant cock ever since first he saw him on BaitBuddies.com. And, that guy would be Jake Lawrence.

When Caruso contacted Jake to let him know that a fellow model from BaitBuddies.com requested to shoot a scene with him, Jake was excited to find out who it could be! But, when Caruso told him that it was Bennett Anthony, Jake was ecstatic! Jake's ultimate turn on is a bubble butt ginger! It was the perfect match for sure! Not only are both guys super sexy but they're also versatile and they LOVE to eat ass!