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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Andrew Connor is this week's bait guy and he's a big fan of BaitBuddies.com! At 27, he finally decided to give porn a shot because he's totally into straight guys but he feels like he needs a little help tricking his first straight guy into going gay for pay. Andrew is smooth and sexy so it shouldn't be much of a challenge as long as the straight guy gets horny enough and agrees!

Archer is this week's straight stud and he's everything that Andrew requested and more. Archer has sexy eyes, a beautiful face, and killer abs! His tattoos are pretty amazing too and one even goes down and over his big and beautiful bubble butt! Archer is pretty experienced when it comes to sex and a buddy from the gym invited him over so that they two of them could DP his buddy's wife! Hopefully, he'll be just as relaxed with Andrew...

Caruso has both guys get hard and stay hard while he steps out to check on the girl. But, he returned with bad news. Not only is the girl not showing up, but she won't answer her phone either. So, Caruso throws out another offer... if Archer and Andrew will have sex with each other then Caruso will pay them double the original amount. It took a little convincing but Archer finally agreed!