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Welcome back to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

This week, Caruso is bringing you another stuck at home edition. Due to current circumstances, some of the models are having a hard time traveling. But, that won't stop them from getting their rocks off and helping their fans get their rocks off as well!

Trent Marx and Marquis Thompson are stuck at home. And, they're horny, broke, and bored. Trent is gay but his buddy Marquis identifies as straight. However, he's very open to trying new things and making money so getting him to go gay for pay shouldn't be too hard of an issue. Trent and Marquis met in college and played a variety of sports together. Trent loved joining Marquis in the locker room after getting all hot and sweaty so that Trent could sneak a peek at that huge 9+ inch thick dick! Plus, Trent loves the way Marquis smells after a heavy workout! Trent said he can't explain it but the smell is so good that it really turns him on! Marquis was a little shocked to hear these words coming from his long time buddy but at the same time, he appreciated the compliment!

After a short interview, Caruso tells the guys to get naked, get hard, and give us a show! And, these sexy studs definitely don't disappoint!