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Welcome back to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Matt Muck is back by popular demand and he brought along a new friend! Matt is one hot farmer and after a hard day's work, he likes to take a load off... literally! That's why he only hires the hottest farm help!

Chris Coulter is Matt's new buddy as well as his new farm hand. And, he's one sexy blue-eyed ginger! Matt sure does know how to pick them!

Chris has been working on Matt's farm for a while now. And, after getting to know each other, the two have become close buddies. So close, that Matt confessed to Chris that he does gay for pay porn on the side to make extra cash. Chris thought it was a great way of making extra money so he told Matt that he also wanted to give it a shot. So, they contacted Caruso to see if he could set something up.

Caruso didn't want to wait too long because he was afraid that Chris would change his mind. So, he decided to conduct a phone interview and to have both guys record the scene on their phones and send the videos back to him. Caruso also explained that this would be a guy on guy scene. Chris didn't seem to mind that he would be going gay for pay so Caruso asked him what about it makes him so curious... Chris said that he's always heard the male g-spot is in the butt so he wanted to see what all the hype was about! Well, he's about to find out today!