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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Big and beefy Riley Mitchel is back at the studio and he's on a quest for what he calls a challenge. And, by challenge he means a big cock! Riley isn't new to big cocks, he just likes to see if he can fit them in his big bubble butt! He's had around 10 to 11 inches in there before but he can't seem to get enough. So, he contacted Caruso to see if he could help out. Not only was Caruso thrilled to help out, but he already had the perfect person as well as cock in mind!

Brayden is this week's straight guy and he's a tall drink of water! He's 6'3' with a nice and slender body, but it's his cock that will really make you do a double take! It's big and thick and somewhere around 9 inches! It was more that Riley could ever ask for and hopefully he'll get a chance to see if it fits!

Caruso instructs Brayden and Riley to strip down, get hard, and stay hard while he steps out to check on the girl that both guys are supposed to be fucking. But, he returns with bad news and the girl is going to be a no show. But, instead of sending everyone home, Caruso threw out another offer... if Brayden and Riley still want to make some money then he can pay them double the money for going gay for pay. Brayden was hesitant but he finally looked over at Riley and told him that if he could get his cock hard again then he'd give it a shot. Riley didn't waste a second as he quickly took control of Brayden's thick dick!