Bait: Bear
Straight: Max
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Welcome back to!

Bear is back for this week's scene and this hairy hunk is ready to get fucked by a straight guy! Since his first visit, Bear has continued on his journey of sexual evolution but he just wasn't prepared to bottom.... until now! Bear said he had to mentally prepare as well as trying out some ass play. Just his fingers though...

Max is this week's straight guy and he's another hairy hunk! Bear couldn't keep his eyes off of him! Max is a dream come true with a sexy body and a beautiful cock! It's nice and thick and Bear can't wait to take it for a ride!

After Caruso has both guys get naked and get hard, he breaks the news that the girl is once again and no show. But, if both guys are willing to have sex with each other then he could double their pay. Max wasn't so sure but he was so horny that he couldn't say no. So, after hearing that Bear was willing to get fucked, he didn't care who he fucked, he just need to blow his load. And, he sure did! Check out the curtains at the end of the scene. Max sprayed them good.