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Welcome back to!

Tony is back and he's ready to expand his horizons a little more! Last time he was here, he was fucking a dude for the first time and he couldn't understand how a big cock in the ass could feel so good. So, he went home, got pegged by his girlfriend and made up upgrade her strap-on to a larger size. Then it happened... Tony discovered his prostate and now he can't get enough. He tells Caruso that it's his favorite thing now when it comes to sex. Now, he's ready to get fucked by the real thing!

Jonah is this week's straight guy and hopefully this stud will be the first guy to stick his dick in Tony's big bubble-butt! Jonah is tall, hot, and hung, and he's a very horny guy! His cock gets hard as soon as he starts thinking about sex! So, Jonah figured that now would be a good time to start getting paid to get off...

Caruso has both guys strip down, get hard, and get ready for the girl to come in. But, after coming back from checking on her, Caruso has to break the news that she won't be showing up today and they can't find another girl to replace her. But, if both guys still want to get paid and blow a load then they'll have to do it with each other. And, Caruso will pay them double the money. Jonah thought about it for a few and Tony convinced him to get it a try. After all, Tony's going to be taking it in the ass and Jonah wasn't leaving without getting off! It was a win win situation!