Bait: Cesar Rossi
Straight: Rob
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Welcome back to!

Cesar Rossi is back at the studio in search for money and straight dick! He doesn't have a problem getting laid he just likes being the first gay for pay experience for a straight guy. The nervousness and excitement from a straight guy really turns him on! So, he contacted Caruso to see if he could get his fix!

Rob is this week's straight guy and this salt-and-pepper covered stud is perfect for Cesar! When Caruso was asking Rob about his sexual experience, he let Caruso know that he did have an encounter with a guy before but he was a close buddy so they were comfortable with the situation. However, Rob didn't elaborate on exactly what happened during their little encounter...

After instructing both guys to get hard and stay hard, Caruso stepped out to check on the female talent. But, he returns with terrible news... the girl flaked out so they can't shoot the scene. Rob was so disappointed! He waited 44 years for this moment and he thought that this would be his big break into the porn industry. So, Caruso made Rob and Cesar another offer. If both guys will have sex with each other then Caruso will double their pay. Rob was a little nervous in the beginning but he started to enjoy himself in no time!