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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Christian Ace is at the studio and since his last time here, Christian has discovered that he really loves to suck cock! So much, that he contacted Caruso to see if he could turn the tables and convince a straight guy to go gay for pay! Better yet, he wants to get fucked by a straight cock!

James Novak is this week's straight guy and even though he may seem a little shy, this guy has a dirty mind and a big dick! James is sexy, with smooth dark skin, a hot little bubble butt, and a big uncut cock! James can't wait to put it to good use!

After Caruso has both guys get hard and prove that they can stay hard, he steps out to check on the girl. But, the girl won't be showing up today. And, without a girl, there's nothing anyone can do. Unless, both guys would be willing to have sex with each other! Caruso will double their money, both guys will bust a nut, and everyone wins! James hesitated but he couldn't resist. He was way too horny and he really needed the money. So, James agreed and Christian took control of that big uncut piece of meat!