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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Christian Ace is back as this week's bait and even though he's here for the cock, he tells Caruso that he still fucks more girls than guys. But he's continuing to evolve and that's all that matters. Christian is hot, slim, and hung so he doesn't have any problems getting laid. Unless, he wants a big fat cock in his ass... then, he calls Caruso to set him up with a hot straight dude.

Christian is this week's straight guy. Yes, you read that correctly. This week, both the bait and straight guys are named Christian so we'll call this scene the battle of the Christians!

Straight Christian is tall, thin, and he's hung as well! Plus, he put down on his paperwork that he is pretty open-minded when it comes to sex. I guess we'll find out soon...

Caruso tells both Christians to get naked, get hard, and stay hard. Both guys passed the test with flying colors! Caruso tells them that he's going to step out to check on the girl and for them to keep stroking their cocks while he checks. But he returns with bad news. The girl won't be showing up today. So, unless both guys will have sex with each other, nobody will be getting paid today. Caruso offers to double their money to go gay for pay and after thinking about it for a few minutes, both Christians agreed!