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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Riley Mitchel is back in town and back at the studio! And, this big stud is looking for a tight and lean straight man to fuck! Riley knows that getting a straight dude to go gay for pay is already a challenge but getting them to bottom is a little bit harder! But, he's always up for a good challenge and so is his beautiful thick dick!

Brody is this week's straight guy and he's exactly the type of guy that Riley wants to plow! He's tall, toned, and lean with red hair and bright green eyes! Brody is 21, single, and he's ready to mingle! Plus, his dick is in need of some major release! Remember he's only 21!

Caruso has both guys strip down and get their cocks hard. Obviously, Riley liked what he saw because as soon as he dropped his pants, his cock was rock hard and ready to go! It didn't take Brody long to catch up and within about a minute, his cock was reaching for the stars! At this point, Caruso steps out to check on the girl that both guys are supposed to tag-team. But, he returns with bad news... the girl won't be showing up today. So, he asks Brody if he's ever thought about having sex with a guy. Brody didn't seem thrilled to answer that question but he finally did saying that the thought has crossed his mind a time or two. Then, Caruso offered to double or maybe even triple their pay if they'll just have sex with each other. After all, it would be better than everyone leaving horny and broke. Brody took a deep breath and agreed to give it a shot. He even agreed to go hole for hole with him fucking Riley first!