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Straight: Justyn
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Welcome back to!

Believe it or not, Justyn is back and he wants to get fucked by a real live cock! Justyn was blown away by his last experience here so he decided that it was time for his girlfriend to start playing with his ass. She was thrilled with the idea and now she likes to peg him. Justyn was thrilled as well because he has never had an orgasm like he did when she was pounding his prostate with her rubber strap-on. So, Justyn wants to know what the real thing feels like. He wants to feel a hard throbbing cock thrusting inside his tight virgin hole. Caruso to the rescue!

Luis is this week's straight guy and he thinks he's here to make a straight porno. He's 39, and he has a girlfriend, but he wants to be in porn before he hits the big 4-0! Luis loves Latin women and he doesn't mind his cock rubbing up against another dude's cock while they're fucking a girl in the same hole. He seems pretty open and comfortable with everything so far...

Caruso has both studs get their dicks hard, prove that they can stay hard, while he steps out to go fetch the girl. But, he returned with terrible news... no girl, no shoot, and no money. Unless both guys would be willing to have sex with each other... in that case, he could even pay both guys double the original amount for their troubles. Of course, Justyn was in on the plan but Luis wasn't thrilled at the idea. But, money got the best of him and he agreed to try it out. At least he'd see how far he could go...