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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Max Romano is at the studio for his third time! After going gay for pay at BaitBuddies.com and discovering that he likes cock, Max is hoping that Caruso can find him another thick dick to fuck him good and hard. Plus, he could use the extra money!

Bryan is this week's straight guy and his abs are amazing! Actually, his entire body is amazing! Bryan rocks a porn mustache with a military-style buzz cut! But, he's hiding also hiding a secret... a giant piercing in the head of his big cock!

Caruso tells both studs to stand up, get naked, and get hard! Max was fascinated by the giant ring in Bryan's dick and couldn't stop staring at it. Bryan tells Max and Caruso that the girls love it and they tell him that it feels really good when he's fucking them! Between stroking their dicks and all the sex talk, both guys were hard in an instant. So, Caruso tells them to keep stroking and he'll go get the girl. But, no girl will be showing up today... so, unless both guys would be willing to have sex with each other, Caruso will have to cancel the entire video shoot. Bryan was super horny and really disappointed. But, he also mentioned that he has a thing for checking out the guys in the locker room. And, sometimes it makes his cock hard. Most importantly, he tells Caruso that he thinks Max is hot and that he wants to fuck him! If only they were all this easy...