Bait: Brody Fox
Straight: River
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Welcome back to!

Brody was just at the studio a little over a month ago but now he's back and he's in desperate need of cock! Brody must have been thinking about cock for a long time before deciding to go gay for pay because when he did decide, he wanted to get fucked in the ass! Now, he can't get it out of his head so he contacted Caruso to see if he could help.

River is this week's straight guy and he's one sexy stud! River has the looks, the body, and definitely, the cock! River says it's only 6 inches but Caruso has been doing this for a long time and he knows better. Caruso says it's at least 7 inches and it's pretty thick as well!

Caruso tells Brody and River to get naked and get hard to prove they both have what it takes to do porn. Of course, neither guy had any issues and both of their throbbing cocks were rock-hard and ready in no time. They just needed something to stick them in. So, Caruso tells them to sit tight while he goes to get the girl. But, he returns with bad news... her agent canceled and they can't get another girl to replace her. But, Caruso tells both guys that if they would be willing to go gay for pay and have sex with each other then he can continue the scene and he'll even pay them double the original amount! That's when River said that money is money and he's down to give it a try. After all, he has thought about it in the past...