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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Since his last visit, Archie has gone on to explore his sexuality a little more. One thing is for sure, Archie now knows that he absolutely loves cock! He just can't get enough of it. Archie also discovered the type of guys he likes. He tells Caruso that he likes a beefy man, Latino or dark skin, hairy, and with lots of what he calls "spice!" Caruso is great at making dreams come true so he searched for and found a guy that matches Archies description, set up the scene date, and told Archie that all he has to do is convince the straight guy to go gay for pay. Archie was thrilled and up for the challenge!

Danny is this week's straight guy and he's exactly the type of guy who Archie is turned on by. From the moment he walked into the studio, you could see Archie light up with glee! Danny is super hot, he has a big and beefy body, a big bubble butt, a fat cock, and a girlfriend at home. She thinks he's visiting family but what he's really doing is getting laid and getting paid. Danny tells Caruso that he has his eyes set on a new truck and he needs to make more money so that he can finally afford it!

Caruso tells Archie and Danny to get naked, get hard, and he'll go get the girl. Both guys have no issues so he tells them that he'll be right back. But, again he returns with bad news... the girl was a no-show and with no girl then there's nobody for Archie and Danny to fuck. Unless they'll be willing to have sex with each other. And, Caruso will double their original pay! Danny was thrown for a loop but when he came to his senses, he agreed to give it a shot! After all, he's horny and he really wants a new truck!