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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Believe it or not, Justin Eros has been having trouble getting laid and he couldn't take it any longer! Justin is a very sexual person and lately, things haven't been going his way. So, he called up Caruso to see if he could find him a hot guy with a big dick to fuck his brains out! Caruso was more than happy to help out and he already had someone in mind.

Lars is this week's straight guy and he also considers himself to be a very sexual person. With his good looks, his cravings for sex, and his big cock, Lars decided to give porn a shot! He has the complete package! And speaking of package, his uncut monster is absolutely mouth-watering!

Caruso tells Justin and Lars to go ahead and strip down, get hard, and if both guys can stay hard then he'll go get the girl for them to fuck. Both studs passed with flying colors however the girl is missing in action and without a girl, Caruso can't finish the scene. But, if both guys would be willing to have sex with each other then he can film that and he can even pay them double the money. Lars mentioned that during a 3-way, he messed around with a guy but that was only because a girl was involved. He thought about it for a minute but he couldn't turn down getting paid double the money! Plus, he was still horny as hell so he agreed to give gay for pay a shot!