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Straight: Colton
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Welcome back to!

It has been a little over a year since we last saw Izzy and much has changed! Izzy discovered that he really likes dick and he really likes men with beards. He sees them as harder to get and he loves a good challenge. But, sometimes you just need a little help from a friend. So, Izzy contacted Caruso to see if he could set up a scene with a bearded straight man that he can attempt to get to go gay for pay! Caruso loves a good challenge as well so he agreed to help Izzy out.

Colton is this week's straight guy and he is everything Izzy wanted and more! He's hot, he has a big beard, he has a thick dick and a big sexy ass! Colton is single and horny, and he could use some extra money for the holidays!

Caruso has both guys strip down and stroke their cocks. He needs to make sure they can stay hard while sitting side by side. If they can do that then Caruso can bring in the girl. Of course, both guys were so horny so they didn't have any issues getting hard. Now, they just needed someone to stick their throbbing cocks in. But, when Caruso returned he had bad news. No girl was going to be showing up today but there's another option to still make money and blow their loads. It would just require them to have sex with each other... Colton took some time to consider the deal but he couldn't say no. So, he decided to go gay for pay and see how it goes!