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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Nate Stetson is back and he's here to get fucked by at least one more straight guy before year's end. But not just any type of straight guy... Nate is looking for a more mature man. An older dude with gray hair and lots of experience. Nate doesn't exactly know what it is about more mature men that turns his crank but he doesn't care either. He just wants to get fucked by one and he wants it right now! And, with Caruso in the holiday-giving mood, he decided to give Nate exactly what he wanted and then some!

Meet Rick! Rick is this week's straight man is he's all man! Rick is huge, ripped, and just big all over! He has a sexy face, white beard, fuck me eyes, and just wait until you see his cock! It's big and thick just like Rick and almost pushing 9 inches! He's Nate's dream come true! Plus, he's recently divorced and his shirt says he's morally flexible...

Caruso decides to ditch the usual setup and instead he asks Rick if he's willing to explore his sexuality now that he's divorced. He took a minute to think about it so Caruso offered double the money but he told him that it would require him to have sex with Nate. At this point, Rick was already super horny and the money was even better than before so he couldn't resist and said yes! With Rick giving the go-ahead, Caruso tells both guys to get naked, get hard, and have fun exploring!