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Welcome to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Nate Stetson and Scott DeMarco are back at the studio in this week's All Star Buddies!

Scott hasn't been at the studio since 2019 but thanks to Nate, he's back! Nate paged through BaitBuddies.com and Scott stuck out to him because Nate thinks he's absolutely adorable and he loves his big fat cock! Nate is hoping to find out what that big dick will feel like as it's plowing his eager hole!

Scott was thrilled when Caruso called but he was flattered when Caruso told him all the things that Nate had said. Of course, Scott couldn't resist Nate's sexiness either, or his big fat dick! But when he got a good look at Nate's ass, he was ready to fuck it!

Watch Scott plow Nate's hot hungry ass before spraying his hole with jizz, sticking his thick dick back in, and driving it home!