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Welcome back to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Marco Lorenzo and Riley Mitchel are back in this big dick energy AKA BDE BaitBuddies.com scene! Both are very good-looking men with big muscles, big thick dicks, and big rock-hard asses! These guys know exactly what they like to do, and what they like to have done to them, and they know how to make their fans happy at the same time!

Since both guys are experts when it comes to sex, Caruso skips the usual setup and tells Marco and Riley to just get naked and have fun! Watch as these two studs swap blowjobs before Riley can't take it any longer and he decides that he wants to take Marco's giant uncut cock for a ride! He climbs up on Marco's thick dick and slowly slides all the way down. Taking that dick like a champ while straddling Marco as Marco pounds his big and beautiful meaty ass! Ride 'em, cowboy!