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Straight: Jack
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Welcome back to!

Zain is back and he's looking for dick! These days, he can't seem to get enough so he contacted Caruso to see if he could help him out and he had just one request... a young guy that can't get enough sex! Basically, he wants someone that will wear him out! Caruso agreed to help a friend out and he started going through the applications to find the perfect match and he scored big!

Jack is this week's straight guy and he tells Caruso that he fucks like a jackrabbit! Jack is very fit, very attractive, he has a beautiful uncut cock, and he's only 19! He's everything that Zain wanted and then some! Caruso set the date and told both guys to refrain from jacking off until after their shoot at the studio.

After a short interview, Caruso tells both guys to get naked, get hard, and if they can stay hard then he'll go get the girl who they'll both be fucking today. More specifically, they'll be doing double penetration!

Both guys were hard and ready to fuck in no time so Caruso told them to sit sight and keep stroking while he goes to get the girl. Unfortunately, he has to deliver the bad news that no girl will be showing up today. If both guys would still be willing to have sex with each other then not only can Caruso finish the scene but he'll also pay Zain and Jack twice as much as the original amount! Jack looked confused but he did confess to having thoughts about fucking guys so he told Caruso that he'd give it a try and see what happens!