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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Riley Mitchel is back as this week's bait and he just celebrated his 6-year anniversary in the porn industry! Riley's ass has been pounded by a lot of cocks but this sexy hunk has never had a cock so big that it wouldn't fit. And since he's always up for a good challenge, he contacted Caruso to ask him if he could find him a giant dick that might actually be the one that's just too huge for his ass to handle! Lucky for Riley, Caruso had the perfect guy/cock in mind!

Kingcuba is this week's straight guy and he's a tall, dark, and handsome hunk! Kingcuba is single and ready to mingle so he figured that he'd give porn a shot. He definitely has the looks, the body, and the ass, but it's his giant uncut Cuban cock that will leave you breathless! It's big and it's a beauty! Hopefully, he'll try to cram it in Riley's big beefy butt!

Caruso has both guys get naked and get hard. If they can stay hard then he'll bring in the girl for them to fuck. Both guys pass with flying colors so Caruso tells them that he'll be right back. But, he returns only to tell them that the girl won't be showing up today and without a girl, there's not going to be a scene. Unless both guys would be willing to have sex with each other. And, in that case, Caruso would not only get to finish the scene, but he will also pay them double the original amount. Kingcuba laughed but he said he's open-minded and that he'd be willing to give it a try. Now, let's see him try and fit that fat dick deep inside Riley's hole!