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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Justin Eros is back as this week's bait guy and this Latin hunk has put on about 15 pounds of muscle since the last time he was at the studio! Justin is hot and he's always horny no matter how much he gets laid! He tells Caruso that he seems to get hit on more with the recent muscle gain but that doesn't mean he always gets exactly who he's looking for... Justin wants a younger, hairy, straight guy so when Miles sent Caruso his photos and info, Caruso knew that this would be the guy that will surely satisfy Justin's cravings!

Miles is a stud! He checks all the boxes and he loves to fuck! He can't wait to do porn, fuck hot women, and getting paid for it is the icing on the cake! Miles is confident that he can stay hard around other dudes so he doesn't have any hangups about the possibility of his cock rubbing up against another cock while double-penetrating a girl.

Caruso tells both guys to get naked, get hard, and stay hard. If they pass the test then he'll go get the girl. Miles strips down to reveal his sunburn from a day of boating. Justin strips down and reveals his instant boner! But, it doesn't take long for Miles to catch up! With both guys rock hard and ready to fuck, Caruso steps out to check on the girl. Unfortunately, he returns with bad news... after an intense orgy scene that she was in yesterday, the girl decided she wouldn't be able to perform so she had no choice but to cancel Caruso's scene. Miles seemed disappointed but his cock sure wasn't! So, Caruso offered them another deal. If both guys will have sex with each other then he would not only be able to continue with the scene but will also pay both guys twice the original amount. Miles asked Justin what he thought and Justin told him that he needed the money. Miles agreed that he needed the money as well so he decided to go gay for pay to see if he likes it and it sure seems that he did! After fucking the cum out of Justin, Miles pulls out and shoots a thick load of cum across Justin's wrist leaving him a thick and beautiful pearl bracelet!