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Welcome back to!

Brody is back at the studio and his arms get bigger every time he comes back! This hot redhead has been hitting the gym and working full-time at his new job. Brody is always up for making extra money and more importantly, he is also up to getting fucked by some straight cock! And, the bigger the better!

Andy is this week's straight guy and he's one sexy dude! He's tall and slim, and his giant cock looks like it's going to make him tip over! It's a beast and hopefully, Brody will get to take a ride on it! Andy tells Caruso that he's done some ass play before with his ex-girlfriend and he actually liked it! Andy said she got tired of him always fucking her in the ass and she decided that she wanted to do it to him. So, Andy let her handcuff and blindfold him and then she pegged him in his tight little ass! At least we know he's open-minded!

Caruso tells both guys to strip down, get naked, get hard, and stay hard. If they pass this test then he'll go get the girl. Both guys pass with flying colors so Caruso steps out to get their reward! But, the girl won't be showing up today after she decided to experiment around with ice cubes and it didn't go so well. She won't be here for the scene but Caruso had another idea in mind... both guys can have sex with each other and he'll continue the scene plus they'll get paid twice as much! Andy had already been pegged but he hasn't had the real thing so since he is single and horny and the real thing is right in front of him, he decided to give it a shot and go gay for pay in this hot flip fuck scene!