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Straight: Damian
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Welcome back to!

Colton is back at the studio and even though his sexy ass is getting plenty of dick, he contacted Caruso to see if he could help him get some straight dick. Caruso agrees that getting dick can be hard enough and getting straight dick is even harder! But, Colton was smart and he contacted the right guy because Caruso has a way of making dreams come true!

Damian is this week's straight guy and he's here all the way from Missouri aka The Show Me State. This 25-year-old hunk tells Caruso that he has fallen on some hard times and that's why he decided to do porn. But, he didn't tell his girlfriend that he was going to be fucking other women on camera for money. He's hoping that she'll just be happy enough to have the money that she won't bother to ask where it came from...

Caruso tells both guys to get naked, get hard, and see if they can keep their dicks hard. If so, he'll go get the girl and they can finally fuck her. Both guys had no issues so Caruso told them to keep stroking and he'll go get her. But, he returned with the terrible news that the girl won't be showing up today. So, either they all pack up and leave today with nothing or they can accept Caruso's second option... have sex with each other for double the money... Damian seemed stunned at first and was ready to leave but he knew he needed to make money and he simply couldn't justify turning down double the amount. Damian finally agreed to give it a try and Colton couldn't have been more thrilled!

Watch Damian fuck Colton's tight hole before pulling out and squirting his jizz all over it!