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Luis is back at the studio and he tells Caruso that he's loving life and loving dick! With his good looks, Luis doesn't have any trouble getting laid. But, after discovering how good it feels to get fucked, Luis has become a bit of a size queen. He tells Caruso that he likes them really big and he wanted to know if Caruso could help find him the perfect cock to plow him in his big Latino booty! Caruso is always kind enough to help a friend in need.

Meet 22-year-old Matthew! He's tall, blond, has blue eyes, a toned and slender body, and a long and thick cock! It's a beautiful cock and Luis can barely wait to take it for a ride! Matthew is single and horny and tells Caruso and Luis that he loves Latinas with big tits and a big butt! Hopefully, Luis and his big butt will do!

Caruso has both guys get naked and get hard. Which wasn't an issue at all! So, he stepped out to check on the girl. When he returns, Matthew and Luis and still stroking their dicks but he has some bad news to tell them. The girl isn't coming and without a girl, they don't have a scene. Unless Matthew and Luis would be willing to have sex with each other. In that case, he will also pay them double the money. He thought about it for a few moments but it was Luis that talked him into it. He explained how this had happened to him and he enjoyed going gay for pay so much that he doesn't mind doing it again. Matthew finally agreed and Luis helped guide him along!