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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Latin hunk Marco Lorenzo is back at the studio and he's on the hunt for more all-American straight sausage! And, muscles are always a plus! Marco has quite the sausage himself! It's big, thick, and meaty! His ass is big and beautiful too!

Caruso didn't have to search long before he found Rick. A sexy blue-eyed ex-rugby player who is ripped from head to toe! Rick doesn't have a girlfriend and he tells Caruso that he wants to do porn because he wants to ''explore more...'' Rick also likes to get kinky!

Before making their debut, Marco and Rick and going to have to prove that they can get naked, get hard, and stay hard while sitting beside each other stroking their cocks! Getting hard and staying hard was no problem so Caruso told Marco and Rick to sit tight while he steps out to get the girl for their scene. But, no girl will be showing up today. Caruso doesn't want everyone to go home empty handed so he offers both guys double the money if they'll have sex with each other instead. Rick really had to think about it because he say that he's never considered or thought about having sex with a guy, ever! But, now he's horny and he can't resist double the money so he decides to go gayforpay! He won't regret it!