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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Latin stud Scott DeMarco is back at the studio and he's on the hunt for more straight cock! His very first appearance on BaitBuddies.com was a long 8 years ago! And, in those 8 years, Scott DeMarco has sucked, fucked, and got fucked many times as he continued his sexual evolution after going gay for pay when the girl didn't show! After his last visit back in January, Scott told Caruso that he finally developed a type. He likes mature hairy men and muscles are a big plus so when Rico sent in his info and photos, Caruso knew that he would be just perfect for Scott!

Rico is everything that Scott is attracted to and then some! He has the good looks, a hairy body, he's mature, and big and muscular! His cock is beautiful and his ass has been pegged many times by his girlfriend. Even though they're both pretty kinky, Rico's girlfriend doesn't know that her man is at a porn studio and that he's about to have a threesome! Hopefully, she won't find out!

After a short interview, Caruso tells both studs to strip down, get hard, and prove that they can stay hard and then he'll go get the girl. Neither had any issues so Caruso went to check on the girl. Unfortunately, she won't be coming today... Caruso makes his next offer... if both guys have sex with each other then he'll continue the scene and he'll pay them double the money! An offer that neither guy could refuse and they were so horny they couldn't possibly leave without busting a nut!