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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

It's always good to see sexy Latin hunk Marco Lorenzo at the studio! Not only do we get to see his good looks and sexy body but his ass and cock are a work of art as well! Marco has that big round Latin booty and long and thick uncut cock that is simply irresistible! Even for the straight guys...

Joseph is this week's straight guy and this 21-year-old is a total stud as well! Joseph is lean and ripped, he has a killer face, washboard abs, a hard little bubble butt, and a beautiful uncut cock! He checks all the boxes for Marco's preferred type of straight guy and Marco is hoping he'll get to go for a ride on Joseph's hot cock!

Caruso tells Marco and Joseph to strip down, get hard, stay hard, and if both guys are successful then he'll go get the girl that they'll both be fucking today. Only, there is no girl. Caruso returns to the studio and informs Marco and Joseph that there won't be a girl today but if they would be willing to have sex with each other then he would also double their pay! Joseph tells Caruso that he's 100% straight but he also couldn't deny the fact that he was super horny, curious, and could really use double the money! So he caved in and said that he would give it a shot. Hopefully, his girlfriend won't find out either!