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Welcome to a special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Brody and Archie are back at the studio in this All Star Edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Both Brody and Archie have become very popular and very quick! They're just two carefree dudes who like to fuck and make money while doing it! After expanding their sexuality and going gay for pay right here at the studio, both guys have discovered that they love dick and ass as well! They both love to fuck as well as get fucked but they still have an obsession over boobs! As a matter of fact, Caruso walked in on them while they were sitting on the couch getting hot and horny while viewing porn on their cell phones. And since they know why they're here today, Caruso skips the usual setup and tells both guys to stand up and do their thing! Archie tried to compliment Brody on his tight pants but was cut off as Brody grabbed a hold of him, pulled him close, and started making out with him! It wouldn't be but just a minute or two later before both guys were naked and taking turns sucking each other's thick dicks!

Check out Brody and Archie as they explore each other bodies, eat ass, and end with a bang!