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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Archie is back at the studio as he continues on his journey of sexual evolution! Archie says it has been a wild ride for sure and he has discovered that he really enjoys the dick! As a matter of fact, not only does he enjoy dick but he loves to act so today he'll be acting along with Caruso to see if he can convince this week's straight guy into going gay for pay when the girl doesn't show. Archie is also very excited that he'll have the chance to bottom again today but that's only if the straight guy is willing to fuck Archie in the ass and if Archie's ass can handle a really big dick. Either way, he's down for the challenge.

Danny is this week's straight guy and when people say things come in small packages, they are telling the truth! Danny is 5 foot 3 inches but this guy can pack a punch! On his paperwork, he lists his dick as 7.5 inches but it sure looks a lot bigger! Plus, it's thick as hell! His girlfriend is one a lucky gal but she's pretty open-minded so she doesn't have a problem sharing his cock with someone else. Hell, Danny is pretty open-minded too and he tells Caruso that he finds trans girls hot! After all, a hot girl is a hot girl! Danny is one hot-looking dude himself and he's here to fuck girls and make money but if all goes well today, he'll be fucking some ass only it won't belong to a girl...

Caruso puts both guys through the get hard and stay hard test. Both guys didn't have any issues and Danny and his big dick were rock hard before he even dropped his underwear! Caruso even got him to show us some helicopter action before stepping out to check on the girl. Sadly, he returned with bad news that no girl would be showing up today. But, there's still one more option... Caruso tells Danny and Archie that if they have sex with each other then he can still shoot the scene and he'll even pay them double the money. Danny had to think about it for a minute or two but then he agreed but only if he was on top. Archie was thrilled and couldn't wait to fit that big fat cock up his ass! And, from the looks of Danny's dick, he couldn't wait to get to fucking either!