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Welcome back to!

You'll definetly remember Heath from a while back. After all, who could forget this blue-eyed hunk? Since his last visit here when he decided to go gay for pay, Heath also decided that he should be honest with his wife and tell her eveything that happened. Being the understanding wife that she is and a bit of a sex freak herself, she was actually turned on by it all. Now when they're having sex, she's constantly shoving her dildos in his mouth and ass but Heath is tired of silicon so he decided to call up Caruso to see if he could come back again so he could suck and get fucked by a real straight cock! Caruso was more than happy to help a buddy out!

Nico is this week's straight guy and guess what? Nico is married as well! However, his wife doesn't know that he's here to have a three-some with a strange girl and another dude. Nico says that he's 40 years-old and he always wanted to do porn so if he's ever going to make his dream come true then it's now or never!

Caruso puts both studs through the get hard and stay hard test. Neither guy had any issues so Caruso tells them to keep stroking while he steps out to get the girl. But, he returns with bad news and the bottom line is that there isn't going to be a girl available for today's scene. Nico looked devistated so Caruso quickly pitched them another offer. If both guys will have sex with each other then he'll continue the scene and he'll also pay them double the money! Heath pointed out that Nico was still rock-hard so why not give it a shot? Nico laughed and he couldn't resist the offer so he decided to go gay for pay to see what the fuss is all about!