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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com

Brody is back and Caruso is so happy to see him once again! Caruso always knows that when Brody is at the studio, it's going to be a good day! As Caruso puts it, Brody makes things happen! Brody is on fire and his sexy ass can't get enough dick! Today, he's hoping to score some hot straight cock!

Ray is this week's straight guy and he checks all the boxes for Brody. He's straight, Latino, he has some meat on his bones, a very thick cock, and some ink on his body. Ray doesn't really have a girlfriend because they're in an on-and-off relationship and currently, they're off! So, Ray needs to get off and he needs to make some money so that's why he's here today.

Caruso tells both guys that he needs to make sure they can get hard and stay hard so he tells them to get naked and start stroking. Once Ray and Brody prove that they're both up for the challenge, Caruso tells them to keep stroking and he'll go get the girl. But, he returns with bad news and basically, there aren't any girls available and their original girl named Tina had to cancel. But, Caruso makes them another offer... to have sex with each other and if they agree then he will also pay them double the original amount. Ray said no at first but he needed the money and he really needed to get off so he agreed to give it a shot and go gay for pay!