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Welcome back to a very special edition of BaitBuddies.com! Caruso is calling this scene Bonus Buddies!

You might recall a recent scene with Brody and Ray. Ray was so turned on that he just couldn't get enough. And, so turned on that he shot his load in Brody's tight ass! Caruso had to edit a lot of the footage to shorten the length of the scene. Including a segment when Ray tells Brody to suck his cock some more. But, the icing on the cake or should we say the icing on Brody's face was the super hot shower scene! After shooting his load in Brody's ass, Ray still wasn't done. Both studs jumped in the shower to clean off when Ray grabbed his throbbing hard cock and told Brody to suck it some more that he needed to bust another nut. Brody sucked and sucked and then Ray was nice enough to return the favor and sucked Brody's cock for a bit. Even telling him to fuck his face. That sent Ray over the edge and he couldn't hold back any longer. He said "I'm going to cum, bro!" so Brody dropped to his knees and let Ray cum all over his face and in his mouth. Brody kindly tells Ray how delicious his cum tastes as he stands back up to shower all of it off.

You can imagine Caruso's surprise when he walks back in and finds Ray still rock-hard and Brody's face dripping with jizz!