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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

You may remember Max from a little over a year ago and believe it or not, Max is having a hard time getting laid! So, his sexy ass decided to call Caruso to see if he could help a friend out. Max isn't super picky, but he does have a thing for straight men. He tells Caruso that he likes their masculinity and just the thrill of knowing that you're getting a straight guy to do things with you that he may have never thought about or tried doing with anyone else. Caruso knows the game all too well so he happily agrees and starts searching for Max a man!

Ryan is this week's straight guy and he checks all the boxes for Max! He's 21, sexy, hairy, and describes his relationship status as ''complicated'' and the girl in his life doesn't know that he's here. But, what she doesn't know won't her. Ryan is at the studio to make money, fuck some girls, and make his porn debut! With a dick like his, Ryan was made for porn! He says it's around 7`` but it looks way bigger than that and it's thick as hell!

After a short interview, Caruso tells both guys to get naked, get hard, and stay hard. If both studs pass then he'll go get the girl for them to fuck. Rock hard and ready, Caruso keeps his word and steps out to get the girl. But, he returns alone and with bad news. The girl won't be showing up today... However, if both Max and Ryan were willing to have sex with each other today then Caruso will be able to continue the scene, both guys will get to bust a nut, and Caruso will even pay them double the original amount. An offer that Ryan couldn't turn down!