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Welcome back to BaitBuddies.com!

Before the end of the year arrives, Caruso likes to organize the scenes that he filmed throughout the year and we're sure glad that he did! Caruso ended up finding a never-before-seen video that seems to have slipped through the cracks but has now been rescued for your viewing pleasure!

It was back in 2021 when Rikk York returned to the studio looking for an in-shape compact kind of straight guy with a nice round bubble butt! It seems that Rikk has discovered his type! More importantly, Caruso just happened to have a guy send in an application that matches that description! A good-looking and single Italian stallion from New York! Rikk isn't so bad himself. He's tall, fit, sexy as hell and he has a beautiful cock and a beautiful bubble butt, too!

Tony is this week's straight guy and he has all the qualities that Rikk requested and then some! His ass is amazing and just like the saying goes that big things come in small packages, Tony has a big and thick cock that looks like it will tip him over when he gets it hard and throbbing! Rikk was thrilled but Caruso still needed both guys to prove that they could get hard and stay hard. So he had them strip down and start stroking!

After Tony and Rikk proved that their cocks were not going to be an issue, he told them that he was going to go get the girl that they'll be tag teaming today. But, he returned with terrible news... no girl today and without a girl, he can't continue the scene. Unless both guys would be willing to have sex with each other. That's when Tony said he's a little embarrassed to admit it but he has been fucked with a strap-on before by an ex-girlfriend and that he'd be willing to try the real thing! Rikk couldn't wait to eat that beautiful ass before shoving his cock in it and fucking Tony good and hard!