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Straight: Rylan
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Welcome back to!

Red hot Brody is back at the studio and he's hoping to get fucked by at least one more straight dude before 2023 ends! Brody's sexy bubble-butt craves straight cock of all shapes, sizes, and colors! He studies and works so hard that he needs a little release to recharge his battery and Caruso is always kind enough to help a friend out when he needs it the most.

Rylan is this week's straight guy and he's also in need of some release from everyday life. Only he came to the studio looking to fuck a girl. When asked why he decided to do porn at this stage of his life, Rylan said that he stopped caring about what other people think and grew hateful of his corporate job so he said fuck it, let's have some fun. Rylan is 30 years old, he's single, and he loves blondes! He's already had a threesome with another dude and a girl and he tells Caruso that he's pretty open-minded when it comes to sex and that he doesn't mind his cock rubbing up against another cock while fucking the same hole! Rylan seems too good to be true!

Caruso tells both guys that first they must pass the porn test of getting naked, getting hard, and staying hard while seated next to each other. That definitely wasn't an issue and Rylan even complimented Brody's ripped body telling him that he's good-looking! Since both guys passed the test, Caruso told them to keep stroking while he stepped out to get the girl but unfortunately, he returned with the bad news that the girl wasn't showing up and there wasn't a backup girl either. But, if both guys still wanted to make some money then they could have sex with each other and Caruso will pay them double the amount. Rylan said it was unexpected but he wasn't opposed to the idea. Plus, he could really use the money. He agreed to move forward and started reaching for Brody's cock before Caruso even had a chance to tell them to get to it.

Watch Rylan get so excited to fuck Brody's sexy ass that he forgets to pull out and shoots his entire load inside Brody's tight little hole!