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Welcome back to a special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

We hope you all had a happy holiday season and that everyone is back in the groove and ready to take on 2024! Aaron Perez sure is! Aaron is back at the studio to kick off 2024 in this very special scene. Aaron was chosen by a very hot and very popular Latin stud who is known in the porn World as the one and only Brock Banks! Aaron was flattered when Caruso called him up and summoned him to the studio for his first fuck of 2024!

Brock Banks has been a huge fan of BaitBuddies.com for many years. And, he always wanted to be in a video but he never had a chance to. So, after years of jacking off to BaitBuddies.com videos, he became fixated on Aaron Perez and his flexible legs. He fantasized over and over about climbing on top of him, spreading his legs wide open, and fucking his tight little Latin hole! Literally, a dream come true for him. And, with Caruso still in the holiday spirit, he told Brock that he would contact Aaron, schedule the scene, and let Aaron make his wish come true!

Watch Brock feast on Aaron's sexy ass before whipping out his big 8-inch uncut cock and fucking the cum out of him. Then fucking him again, and after shooting his own load, he fucks him a little more! After all, he's waiting a long time for this piece of ass!